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axvision® is a brand that originated from Taiwan and specializing in fabrics for a wide variety of uses. The collection offers vivid solution-dyed fabrics in both classic and contemporary designs. Over the years, customers recognize axvision fabrics as always rich in details, last in sunlight, and always made of a soft touch. Nearly half-century textile manufacturing, the factory based in Taiwan, is one of the leading outdoor fabric manufacturers accredited by many international standards, including Global Recycled Standard. This entire line offers a reliable source other than brands originated from Europe and America at a competitive price with no compromise to quality, environment, and service. We believe Axvision all-weather fabrics deliver not only beautiful products but also peace of mind. A three-year warranty is offered on every meter of the fabrics to ensure every customer is happy with the design and performance. Axvision is a trusted brand to bring you the best all-weather experiences ultimately.  


Commencing from 2010, Axvision has entered the market in China. It has been exclusively operated by Mosaroma International Co., Ltd. We have carried a variety of different fabrics and established a logistic center to provide the efficiency with the speedy transit services for high-end hotel furniture manufacturers in China. Up to date, Axvision has become the selected brand of all-weather fabrics in the textile industry.


Mosaroma International Co., Ltd is also a large service provider for a wide range of different fabrics for upholstery and outdoor furnitures, shades, drapery, awnings, umbrellas, tents, marine canvas, cushions and pillows. Supplying a number of manufacturers domestic and overseas, the fabrics have been exported to many countries and regions all over the world, providing supreme quality and best services and won the trust of all customers. Currently, customers who have ever chosen and adopted Axvision are very satisfied with its superior quality and even giving up products from Europe and the United States; the smart selections on Axvision has relatively shortened the delivery time and reduced transportation costs with the timely efficient services.


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